ALUPLANET 10 COLLECTIVE YEARS OF Successfully designing, supplying, and installing aluminum doors and windows in and around Gauteng.

Aluminum solutions for your home

You don't have to be afraid of aluminum. If you've got a door that sticks, a window that won't shut, or a home that's drafty – we can take care of it! Aluminum solutions can fix even the hardest-to-replace door or window parts. They can also help the exterior of your home so that it stays insulated and breathable.

If you've never known comfort and security when it comes to aluminum solutions, sign up today to see for yourself how easy it is to replace your door or window parts.

Custom Designed Aluminum

AluPlanet specializes in higher-volume manufacturing, for building contractors and developers as well as custom-designed aluminum windows and doors for homeowners who need quick turn-around at the highest quality with style.

Replacing steel and wooden windows with aluminum without the need to re-plaster and paint is now also an option for the discerned homeowner.

Windows and Doors

The average home has at least three windows that need to be replaced, including one that was replaced as recently as five years ago. There are two types of aluminum items that need to be replaced - windows, and doors. This can be very expensive and in some cases replacing the windows isn't even worthwhile. Fortunately, the AluPlanet Window and door systems can replace those old and tired windows with ease and in the shortest time possible.

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